Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I have now finished two repeats (? terminology a little off, most likely) of the leaf-patterned scarf. In my book, that means it's time to start something new! It didn't take much thought--my mom "ordered" a scarf, too. But what's different about it is I have to come up with the pattern!
I told her to Google-image (<-- it's a verb now, if it wasn't before!) a design she liked, and even if there wasn't a tutorial/pattern, I could probably figure it out.
She ended up choosing a myriad of patterns, with elements she liked from each. I don't even remember the original photos (this was sometime over winter break. Not too long ago, but long enough). But it involves cables and C2R's (and, since I like symmetry, C2L's) and lines of stockinette. I'm still trying to remember how to cable correctly. But I'm excited to knit with my very own pattern!

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