Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red Heart Sashay Frilly Scarf

So I was wandering around Michael's the other day, and came across a sample of Red Heart Sashay hanging oh-so-invitingly on the shelf. I was hooked. I've never seen a mesh-style yarn before. And I absolutely could not help myself, so I bought a skein. That's enough for a scarf.

 (How can you not give in to curiosity when this is hanging in Michael's?)

I cast on six stitches (I say "cast on," but I mean "poked needle through six holes"--absolutely great!) and started knitting! The trick is to only use the top two strands of the mesh, not the whole thing. And you just pull the rest out as you go. Since it was only six stitches wide and one skein long, it was a very quick project--not nearly enough time to get bored of just plain knitting. Also, the mesh part kept me enthralled the whole time.
What's even better is that there's barely any finishing--the pattern directions call for needle and thread, but I just knotted the ends and hid the knots in the ruffles. And voila, after a day of knitting, I have a scarf!

Oddly, mine is pretty short--a lot less than the five feet I should've gotten from one skein. Maybe I knit too tightly? But it's okay because it's long enough for my taste. Also, my ruffles seem to be stacked very closely on top of each other--probably the same problem. I've found that I can pull each ruffle in opposite directions, though, which makes the whole thing look a lot poofier and nicer.

I'm not really into frills or decorative scarves... but I must find an outfit and occasion for this!

Update: I re-knit this scarf while consciously telling myself to stay loose, and the results were so much better! By loose, I mean extremely loose--knit with every other big hole. The yarn calls for US size 9 needles, but you could probably go 1.5 times thicker. That's how loose I'm talking. But why I like it: 1.) The scarf is longer. 2.) The ruffles look more like ruffles and less like circles stacked one atop of another, and the tugging in opposite directions is unnecessary. So much better--KNIT LOOSELY!!!

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