Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm on a knitting craze right now. And my current project? Glittens/Broad Street Mittens/Convertible Mittens... fingerless gloves with a flap that turns your glove into a mitten! I'm almost done the pair--my first major project on dpns!

But why glittens? They're just so awesome--I mean, glove and mitten in one. But also, I'm a musician, and musicians cannot practice with cold hands. Fingers don't move, and it's a mess. So originally I wanted fingerless gloves to possibly increase my practice efficiency. But then I thought of these... Well, why not? More dpn practice!

I used Deborah Norville sock yarn...
My basic numbers I got from here...
Although the actual pattern came more from here...
And the upper hand inspiration from

I love the Internet.

And I love knitting. Because when I'm just working rounds (like most of this was), I can study and knit at the same time! No bad nail-biting habit... productive study session... and productive knitting session!

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