Monday, January 28, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt?

T-Shirt Quilts. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius. Honestly. I mean, what else am I ever going to use all my old t-shirts for?!?

So I started my own quilt. Unfortunately, I still need my t-shirts for gym class. (Side note: has there a worse class ever invented? It's forced physical activity, for goodness' sake!) Anyway, but I have t-shirts that are too small, t-shirts that I probably won't ever wear again... I've made up so many excuses to cut up yet another t-shirt. Really.

I did endless research... there is a huge controversy over the use of interfacing, though. I went with Pellon 911F interfacing. However, the only quilting experience I've ever had is one week at a summer camp four or five years ago. So I have no idea if it makes the t-shirt too heavy or what. But I like the feel of it--it gives me security knowing that when I start to sew (which will probably be in another five years or so--gotta stop wearing my t-shirts, come up with a layout, etc. etc. etc.), none of my hard sewing work will go to waste (Yes, it's just pressing a pedal on a machine, but so what?) Sadly, interfacing costs money. Not that I'm going to have time (or t-shirts) to work on this for a while yet...

I just wish the quilt were done already. Do I? It's an amazing concept (as I've already expressed). But sewing's not really my thing... not even pedal-and-let-the-machine-do-the-sewing-for-you sewing.

Only the future can tell... I should get back to homework now.

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