Friday, July 19, 2013

Tutorial: Despicable Me Minion: Part 1: Torso

I love Despicable Me minions. You could say I'm a little obsessed with them--I bought McDonald's Happy Meals because they're giving out minion toys. I usually avoid McDonald's like the plague. That's how much I love minions. They are so adorable, and just looking at them makes anybody smile. So, they're my newest knitting project. There weren't many knitting patterns, and I didn't really like the ones I found, so I'm using All About Ami's tumblr as inspiration. Hers is crocheted, though... so here's my adapted knitting pattern!

Finished size: about 12" long (life-size!)
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver bright yellow and black (for hair)
U.S. Size #7 DPNs and/or circular needles
Gauge: 19.5 stitches x 26 rows = 4" x 4" in stockinette
white glue
polyester fiber-fill

CO 8 using an invisible cast-on (I used the disappearing loop cast-on)
Round 1: K (8)
2: KFB all around (16)
3: K (16)
4: *KFB, K1 around (24)
5: K (24)
6: *KFB, K2 around (32)
7: K (32)
8: *KFB, K3 around (40)
9: K (40)
10: *KFB, K4 around (48)
11: K (48)
12: *KFB, K5 around (56)
13: K (56)
14: *KFB, K7 around (63)
15: K (63)
16: *KFB, K8 around (70)
17: K (70)
18: *KFB, K9 around (77)
19: K (77)
20: *KFB, K10 around (84)
21: K (84)
22: *KFB, K13 around (90)
23: K (90)
24: *KFB, K44 around (92)
25: *KFB, K45 around (94)
26: KFB, K93 (95)
27: KFB, K94 (96)
28-80: K (96) (feel free to add or subtract a few rows to taste!)

Before you start closing up the minion, add some hair...
Cut lengths of black yarn and tie a knot at the ends. Use your fingers to rub white glue along the length of the yarn so it stiffens. When dry, poke the yarn through the top of the minion, then trim the hair to the desired length, if necessary.
Also, it's a good time to start stuffing!

81: ssk, K94 (95)
82: ssk, K93 (94)
83: *ssk, K45 around (92)
84: *ssk, K44 around (90)
85: K (90)
86: *ssk, K13 around (84)
87: K (84)
88: *ssk, K10 around (77)
89: K (77)
90: *ssk, K9 around (70)
91: K (70)
92: *ssk, K8 around (63)
93: K (63)
94: *ssk, K7 around (56)
95: K (56)
96: *ssk, K5 around (48)
97: K (48)
98: *ssk, K4 around (40)
99: K (40)
100: *ssk, K3 around (32)
101: K (32)
102: *ssk, K2 around (24)
103: K (24)
104: *ssk, K1 around (16)
105: K (16) (and finish up stuffing)
106: ssk all around (8)
107: K (8)
Cut yarn and pull through remaining loops; weave in ends.

See Part 2 for the arms and hands!

The pattern is for personal use only. The finished item may not be sold for profit. Please acknowledge the author. Thank you!


  1. what circumference round needles would you need for this pattern?

    1. Hello! I used 80 cm circumference needles

    2. Hello! I used 80 cm circumference needles

  2. Hi there! Thanks you for sharing this pattern, I'm making it for my mum's birthday - she has a particular liking for minions! I'm just wondering at what point I sew on the mouth? Apologies if it is in there and I just haven't found it! Did you sew it on before closing him up? And roughly what position would you recommend? Also, did you use the black wool or embroidery thread for it? Sorry for all the questions - I really don't trust my own judgement on this one! Thanks again! Ruth X

    1. Hi Ruth! Happy birthday to your mum :) I completely forgot to add instructions for the mouth--thank you for pointing it out. I actually add the mouths at the very end, but I think sewing it on before closing up the torso is a great idea. I used gray yarn (Red Heart Super Saver heather gray)--black was too defined for me. Here are some quick images to get you on your way: This is, of course, just a guideline--feel free to give your minion whatever emotion! And let me know if I can be of more help.